Keeping it Quality

We’re all about quality here at Scoops Gelatiland, and with that means using local dairy milk produced with care.

The milk we use is from Queensland’s Misty Mountain Farms, an award-winning, family-owned company that produces dairy products sustainably with care for your health, the cows’ health and the environment from three local family farms near Millaa Millaa on the southern Atherton Tablelands.

You can taste the difference!

 Keeping it Natural

When the wonders of the earth are so full of tasty goodness, why would we use artificial flavours? It is for this reason that our gelato and sorbets are made with all-natural ingredients.

As shown here, 1kg of fresh apples go into our Green Apple Sorbet!

Apple Sorbet

Keeping it Tailored

Many of us have specific needs when it comes to our food choices, as gluten and lactose-free owner, Nicole, knows all too well!

For those with preferences for dairy free and/or gluten free items, we have you covered with plenty of options, such as the must-try Coconut Cream Sorbet, pictured below.

And for the coffee lover, we can serve up your latte with soy or almond milk.